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Wolf Solutions is a trustworthy partner with a professional manner and effective and flexible solutions. Wolf has a specialist knowledge to develop the most appropriate solution for Zoho’s apps. As regional sales manager for Zoho, I am confident that Wolf Solutions would bring the highest satisfaction and excellent performance to Zoho’s clients.

Nick Ng
Regional Account Manager (APAC), Zoho Corp

Business-to-business (B2B) enterprises sell and promote their products and services to intermediaries in the consumer distribution chain more often than directly to end consumers. Accordingly, B2B organizations have a more niche market, fewer clients, and a smaller product line compared to the B2C sector. In other words, the pool of potential leads for a B2B company is relatively narrower. However, it is crucial to spend more time and effort on each lead as well as monitor them attentively from the time of lead generation, due to three facts:

  • B2B deal is much more complex which results in more stages and longer sales cycle
  • B2B clients usually involve several decision-makers, are likely to have multiple considerations and requirements that need to be balanced at each touchpoint
  • B2B clients have higher budgets meaning higher transaction volumes, and thus, high expectations for individualized customer service.

Technological advancement has the ability to transform your B2B business in a way that helps your sales reps handle the sales process efficiently and understand B2B clients as individuals while keeping track of a large amount of lead-specific data.


Streamline sales processes and reduce the time spent on repetitive administrative tasks

Analyze your high-value customer base on demand

Measure results

Gain real-time visibility into the financial & operational health of the organization

Automate the process to generate RFPs, proposals…

Forecasting & resource planning


  • Align Sales, Marketing and Operations departments to optimize campaigns
  • Turn your organization’s strategies inside out – develop it from your target buyers’ perspectives (customer-centric approach)
  • Design detailed and meaningful customer’s journeys
  • Create lead scoring and qualification models to help salespeople prioritize the most promising ones in a timely fashion
  • Identify the sales velocity your team needs to meet quota
  • Build and automate processes to move customers through critical stages at the agreed velocity
  • Add recycling tactics to get leaking leads into your sales funnel / Fix leaking conversion funnel to decrease churn rate
  • Train your salespeople to ensure successful adoption



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