– Demo implementer: Huynh Thi Phuong Nhi – Account Executive at Wolf Solutions


Do you know 60% of customers will say “NO” 4 times before they say “YES”, so I need to call or “take care” for them many times to get a meeting appointment. Neglecting or not follow-up a potential Lead will make you lose the chance to sell for that customer. But what is the reason for such errors? … The objective reason could be the overload from Sales leading to forgetting to interact with customers, the subjective reason is that Sales do not follow customer care processes correctly. The result is customers are not followed-up enough.

Therefore, Wolf Solutions will introduce an extremely effective feature on CRM & ERP to solve this problem. It is Dashboard – a warning system to help follow the process: Sales Process Validation – Lead Follow-up. The Warning Dashboard  is understood as a Dashboard that reminds the wrong process of taking care of Lead for Sales and warns the wrong process for the Manager to minimize the risk of customer care quality of the team.

To better understand this part of Sales Process Validation, I will take a typical example in the Prospecting process (find opportunities). Sales after participating in the seminar / event, enter Lead’s information on the system. Then, Sales start to call to Lead … Example, the customer doesn’t pick up the phone, or the current customer has no need … then we have to create a future new Task to grow. For any reason, Sales doesn’t interact with customers within 1 week due to forgetting to perform tasks, or forgetting to update the task. Logically, in CRM & ERP, if the current day compared to the nearest closed task is greater than 7 days, it will appear on the Dashboard to remind the implementation, and will notify (escalate) to the Manager if it is not performed after 10 days.

Through this tutorial, the Warning Dashboard will be an efficient arm for Sales to comply with the process, improve customer care. In other words, Sales will not miss any customer who needs to be taken care, thereby, increasing the opportunity to close sales. Manager will be alerted to remind team members to follow the process correctly. In addition, this Warning Dashboard: Leads Follow-up also prevents data entry. This is just a basic example of the application of the Warning Dashboard in the case of Leads Follow-up. In fact, the system can also be applied to other Modules such as Contact, Opportunity… etc… or even wider is to warn of any wrong risks in the process of Sales, Marketing, or Finance…

Wolf will perform a demo on the Warning Dashboard on Salesforce (World’s #1 CRM & ERP).