Workshop CRM & ERP for education industry: Using marketing automation to increase student enrollment


The pandemic outbreak has left an enormous impact on the education industry. Apart from financial difficulty, educational institutions also encounter increasing domestic competition. For instance, in Vietnam, there are 237 domestic HEI in total, with 172 public universities and 65 private ones, according to the Ministry of Education and Training 2018-2019.

The situation is even more fierce in the language school/center sector. Up until July 2017, Báo Giáo dục Tp. HCM reported 606 language centers in which nearly 90% are English schools, and the number is still expanding.

Learners have more and more options and can get access to information easily thanks to the Internet and smart devices.

Does your institution create significant differences, enough to catch up with the market changes as well as customer (in this case, student) behaviors? Or is it easily left out when learners start searching for courses of their interests?


The solution to successfully attract more students to your university or language center and boost enrollment starts with delivering exceptional and tailored experiences for any individual prospective student. One of the best ways to create a captivating experience is through Student Journey mapping.

The period from the very first day a prospective learner discovers your educational institution to the moment they enroll will vary greatly depending on the nature of your organization. The more critical the decision to a young person’s life, the longer time they will take to carefully consider all their available options, e.g., choose a college/university or a major. This time span can take anything between 01 week up to 18 months.

It is tempting to view the whole decision-making process of a learner as a single snapshot, but in fact, a visual timeline can express this more precisely, showing various touchpoints of information exchange and countless emotional micro-decisions. During this time, learners will interact with your organization via several channels. They will go back and forth between the stages of their enrollment journey.

For any educational institution, this is equivalent to designing and managing a roadmap spanning from 01 week to 18 months to build relationships, personalize experiences, and successfully convert a prospective learner. Keeping track of the journey of hundreds and thousands of students from A to Z is not a simple task; it is even more complicated to maintain their interest over a long period of time. How can you make sure your institution stays relevant at every step of a learner’s decision-making cycle?

Mapping ‘Student Journey’ with your enrollment strategy is the key to ensure your organization’s marketing and recruitment activities can run effectively and align with each stage throughout a student’s enrollment journey. From then, recruiters can prioritize appropriate approaches with tailored messages accordingly. A comprehensive understanding of the dynamic between your organization and prospective learners – the elements that move a learner down the funnel or out of it – will be the solid base to build a powerful enrollment strategy.


Have a deeper understanding of every stage of a Student Journey, the role of Marketing Automation throughout a Student Journey and execution steps

Networking and knowledge sharing with people within the education industry regarding CRM & ERP implementation and real-life case studies

Download free templates to create Student Persona, Student Journey and common Marketing Automation business cases

  • CEO of Educational Institutions
  • CTO/CMOs that are interested in Marketing Automation
  • 08:45 – 09:00 : Networking and seat arrangements
  • 09:00 – 10:15 : Student Journey and Marketing Automation Idea
  • 10:15 – 10:30 : Tea Break
  • 10:30 – 11:30 : Demo
  • 11:30 – 12:00 : Q&A
  • Date & Time: 11 July, 2020, 09:00 – 12:00 (3 hours)
  • Expected venue: Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint – 59 Pasteur, District 1
  • Speaker’s information:
  • Fee: VND 200.000 per person


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