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Wolf Solutions is a trustworthy partner with a professional manner and effective and flexible solutions. Wolf has a specialist knowledge to develop the most appropriate solution for Zoho’s apps. As regional sales manager for Zoho, I am confident that Wolf Solutions would bring the highest satisfaction and excellent performance to Zoho’s clients.

Nick Ng
Regional Account Manager (APAC), Zoho Corp

Covid 19 pandemic causes many challenges to different areas of business when it has given long-term lockdowns. All the service providers and consumers are restricted by not only social distancing, but all of them are seriously afraid of the spread of coronavirus even in essential cases. Medical centers or Healthcare institutions have to address toughest challenges, i.e. the best qualified services with cost effective approach. Taking on opportunities with in-depth thinking and confidence, the pandemic actually gives positive chances for businesses, especially the adoption of digital
technology for addressing all the challenges. Telemedicine, telehealth, healthcare apps, and wearable devices actually change and navigate the healthcare service market post the COVID 19 pandemic and later. Healthcare institutions are looking forward to unstandable investment in digital health or healthcare technology as the most suitable solution for addressing their existing issues and performing their patient-care mission.


Deliver patient-centralized experience: Gain 360-degree insights into patients and teams and a fully integrated engagement platform; which strengthens healthcare provider and patient relationships. Healthcare providers can often streamline medical records, test results to point to patients who could benefit from healthcare services, spot forgotten patients who need regular follow-ups or tests.

Equip Healthcare institutions with different valuable data such as patients’ demographics, service consumption records, correct frequency of interaction with the institution’s website and call centers, and other relevant details to create a rich profile and identify new care opportunities.

Dashboards and reporting: In-depth data analytic tools and customized reports that tap into the Healthcare institutions’ business intelligence; in particular, issue reports can benefit a healthcare institutions while organizing all external issues (i.e. patient feedback, interaction, potential care opportunities, etc) and internal issues (i.e, medical equipment malfunctioning, cyclical inventory, etc).

Interoperability with existing caregiving tools: it is essential to integrate the CRM system with your existing care-delivery tools, such as the appointment calendar, radiology information system, and HR – Finance management tools. This helps build a consistent data system without duplicated data.

Improve inventory visibility through key periodic inventory reviews, automated approval workflows for accounts receivable and accounts payable, and consolidated financial data for aging range management and business forecast, take on business opportunities with confidence.

Equip with electronic “inventory” for field sales representative, making it easier in practice to manage on-site inventory and access inventory data.


  • Data security tools allow setting access levels of users with specific rights in access and use of data. Only personnel in charge or authority deserve the right to access specific areas of data, i.e. patient records, equipment inventory, finance balance, etc.
  • Facilitate healthcare providers with sufficient medical bases to predict and provide effective treatment before any issue gets late under the regulations on medical and local laws on healthcare services providing.
  • ‘Reactive management’ is replaced by ‘Proactive management’ to address over workload. Besides, patients easily search a list of doctors with rich profiles plus feedback to schedule virtual appointments or communicate with doctors via video or voice call. The patients only have to go to healthcare institutions for complex diagnosis or treatments if truly necessary and serious.
  • Integration with map route and timeline schedule to facilitate either field sales representative or patients’ pick-up and drop-off at different locations.




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