Elevating Customer Service
through Conversational AI

Conversational AI has been proven to create positive impacts
on both customer and workforce experiences
by managing the true effort per interaction.


  • Over the years, many businesses have adopted conversational AI into their digital engagements with customers for its time-saving and cost-effective attributes. Contrary to popular belief that computers can only interpret words as their literal meanings, a chatbot can actually engage in conversations as a virtual agent and understand the context behind words just like a human-being.
  • Like a human agent, AI can flexibly adapt to an interactive scenario based on factors such as the person’s past relationship, sentiment and context. Moreover, AI’s productivity is much higher compared to a human, since it can simultaneously serve an unlimited number of customers with absolute accuracy.


The evolution of natural language processing technology (NPL) paves the way for conversational AI to comprehend the meaning, form, and context behind every interaction between customers and your agents to generate unparalleled customer experience.
Sentiment Analysis
Understanding customers’ mood and attitude through complex analysis of their verbal expressions allows AI to gauge customer experiences with a particular product, service or even their interactions with an agent to discover any weak links that cause negative feedback.
Customer Insight Analysis
Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes reference to the application of technology to the natural language in order to acquire analytical insights and help make sense of the ideas expressed in texts on many platforms such as websites, blogs, forums, and social media.
The chatbot is a game-changing technology that could help reduce business costs by up to $8B in less than 05 years (Juniper). People working in customer service could utilize chatbots to store data, anticipate the behaviour of customers, and access relevant information in real-time.
Personalized Experience
Conversational AI can process a huge amount of data quickly, thus being able to generate personalized conversations with individual customers instantly. This feature helps reduce significantly the manual work of a human service representative while customers could also benefit from the tailored experiences provided by the technology.


Automatically Identify Customer Complaints
By analyzing the voice or text of customers while communicating with businesses, AI could detect and gather insights throughout those conversations. As a result, AI can help companies identify customers’ complaints and address them promptly.
Ensure Regulatory Compliance
AI can be trained to automatically track, monitor, and report agents’ activities to ensure their adherence to your procedures, while providing notifications should an error be detected to help firms reduce the risk of non-compliance.
Automated agent quality
monitoring & scoring
By designing algorithms that incorporate predefined rules set by humans, we can leverage the power of AI to weigh, track, and score the performance of customer service agents  automatically and accurately.


Optimized interfaces to deliver the best user experience

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