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Start with a credible partner who has in-depth experience and knowledge in CRM & ERP implementation. We believe our expertise will meet your needs and expectations for implementing CRM & ERP solutions.


The CRM & ERP implementation process is not something as quick and simple as getting your employees to log in. Before that, it is critical to set the project’s objectives, scope, data model, and implementation procedure while preparing employees for the new application. Remember that CRM & ERP implementations have a significantly high failure rate. CRM & ERP isn’t just another application to maintain. Conversely, CRM & ERP is a tool that empowers you to streamline your sales, marketing, and customer service processes. To maximize the chance of implementing CRM & ERP successfully and enjoying all its benefits, you have to understand how Risk Mitigation, Quality Assurance, and Timeline Commitment contribute to the success factors of CRM & ERP implementation.


Risk Mitigation

Our risk management policy ensures safe and predictable practices while providing a set of protocols for identifying and eliminating software risks before they have negative impacts on the system that may lead to costly do-overs.

Quality Assurance

We develop a documented analysis of your CRM & ERP platform along with fact-and-experience driven guidance to proactively improve processes or to promptly respond to challenges. We also employ risk-based and business-oriented test strategies during your CRM & ERP project to ensure the highest quality standard.

Timeline Commitment

We divided the CRM & ERP implementation process into manageable and sequential stages, with reasonable deadlines and check-ins set along the way, enabling you to reach your goal in a timely manner.


Most platforms are built with a plethora of configuration capabilities that may confuse or overwhelm users. We can help our clients effortlessly meet their business needs by selecting and implementing the available best-fit configuration capabilities.
We understand that sometimes businesses have their own unique requirements. Rest assured that Wolf has an in-house team of highly-skilled developers who can understand technical challenges and develop custom functions to fulfill your distinct needs.
Data Migration
Migrating data from your legacy system to your new CRM & ERP platform is a complicated mechanism that involves a lot of analysis and preparation. We can guide you through that complex process smoothly while ensuring that no data is lost during migration.
Without integration, it is almost impossible to track the customer data and interactions that make up the full customer journey. We can help you integrate your CRM & ERP with other systems and applications automatically, enabling you to realize the full power of CRM & ERP.

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