Data Governance

Data Governance

Prevent Data Quality Loss with Data Governance

When CRM & ERP Consulting is concerned, Data Governance is there to automatically constantly oversee the quality of data when operations are in progress. This data quality measurement would be accurate and effective only if the master data quality is constantly supervised and updated to the users. Should Data Governance be absent, data quality would slowly but surely regress. The results would not just be limited to data quality, but processes would not be able to launch properly, milestones are not achieved, and this erodes a company’s trust in its own customer data. This would have negative effects on the company.

On the contrary, with the usage of Data Governance, quality assurance of data is there. For example, Data Governance supports the DQ firewall that you have created with Data Protection. This would update you at the first sign of any irregular or conspicuous entries and could be resolved via Data Cleansing. Ultimately, this translates into the fact that the data quality Wolf Solutions provides would make sure that our clients would have the most secure customer data, without worrying about data quality.

Data Governance from Wolf Solutions offers many Features

Easily understandable range of connectors for a plethora of databases, processes, file formats and applications.

Predetermined actions, a la automated EDM (Electronic Direct Mail), when a certain threshold value has reached its limit

Integrated Scheduler, this ensures jobs are automatically executed at precise timings and at precise intervals.

Customizable diagrams that project the outcome of a rule – both as an individual, one-time outcome or as a trend

Data Governance provides the following Advantages

  • Data Governance serves as a warning system that warns users immediately of any downturn in data quality
  • Time Efficiency: Helps you to execute countermeasures before negative impacts on processes are done
  • Controls and logs in the efficacy of the countermeasures that were taken to protect data
  • Speedy view on where to make needed adjustments
  • Even jobs and rules are easily made even if the user has no prior experience in programming, due to the graphics designer and graphics editor
  • Trustworthy and safe customer data for the whole company, that the user can always count on at all times.

Effective Data Monitoring with Wolf Solutions Data Governance

Overseeing the quality of data with Data Governance one of the many major parts of Data Quality Life Cycle. This relies on the targets and rules that the user sets, hence it keeps the users’ data most recent and up-to-date. The process of Data Monitoring is not an outcome on its own, but it also acts as a sensor for data quality vulnerabilities, before these vulnerabilities become liabilities and create negative impacts on the target system. Data Governance controls these monitoring functions, by balancing itself on the data quality initiatives and rules that the user have defined, encompassing the needed changes.

Regardless of whether it is an issue of data quality initiatives, the moving of data en masse, or other similar projects: Data Governance helps the user control and contain any negative impacts of untrustworthy and poor customer data quality. Data Governance also helps the user to avoid unnecessary costs and significantly decrease project risks.

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