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Regardless of how important CRM & ERP is as a tool for streamlining
sales, marketing, and customer services, at the end of the day,
it is up to the members of a workforce to utilize CRM & ERP capabilities.


Proper CRM & ERP training ensures a smoother transitioning process as well as leads to less confusion, more efficiency, and the successful adoption of technology. Users not only know how to use CRM & ERP but also comprehend how the tools will advance their everyday workflow and make their jobs easier.

By seeking out CRM & ERP software training programs, you are aligning yourself  with this reality.

Whether your team is new to CRM & ERP, experienced users, or somewhere in between, we offer in-depth training programs to help you unlock the full capability of CRM & ERP and its platform.


Free Youtube Lessons
Increase users’ awareness of features, functions, and usability to boost their confidence in working with the system and provide greater efficiencies via a convenient way to learn that combines audio and video lessons.
CRM & ERP Best Practices
Offer valuable insights into the use of different CRM & ERP mechanisms and enable users to implement the most effective ones in their organizations to bring about the desired levels of Customer Success.
Consolidated Programs
Guided simulations not only equip users with a sound foundation of CRM & ERP concepts and best practices so users can embrace the CRM & ERP system for sustainable growth, but also help users implement the learned skills immediately, and effectively incorporate them into their enterprises.
Advanced Workshops
Our advanced workshops provide knowledge that is up-to-date and pertinent to marketplace requirements, thus help businesses stay technologically relevant and competitive. Customized workshops can also be arranged to suit the training requirements of your team.


As a client of Wolf Solutions, you are part of a select group who has access to the benefits outlined below.  This exclusive experience provides comprehensive training solutions to set a course for your successful and sustainable CRM & ERP implementation.
Get up & running in a snap
Jump start your CRM & ERP system and get the internal team up to speed with guided walkthroughs, as well as e-learning tutorials.
Priority access to our specialized and dedicated Support Team to support your CRM & ERP daily operations.
Free Workshop Tickets
Free access to our workshops that are aimed at helping Partners get more out of their software through in-person education and networking.
Extensive training for your Business
Receive complimentary training via Wolf’s E-learning Hub and get 50% off on all our CRM & ERP courses for Sales, Marketing and Customer Services.

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