Zoho – Premium Partner

Wolf Solutions is currently recognized as the highest  Partner (Premium Partner) of Zoho in Vietnam, Singapore and South-East Asia, which specializes in digital transformation solutions for enterprises in various industries with 04 major services:

  • Consulting & Design on Digital Transformation (“DX”) solutions;
  • Implementation of CRM & ERP systems and Process Digitization;
  • Mobile & Web applications development;
  • User adoption training to apply and utilize new systems in daily operations

Wolf Solutions is very proud to be a trusted partner with many organizations and corporations in Vietnam and also in high-standard markets such as Singapore and Malaysia.


Zoho has been grown rapidly;; the market spans over 46 countries and territories, and has been continuously expanding. Zoho has developed the most diverse and comprehensive ecosystem with more than 40 applications; which fulfills critical business requirements across all daily operations and departments. In addition, Zoho provides cost-effective solutions with diversified service packages that are ideal for every scale of businesses.

Furthermore, the boom of Asia-region Startups significantly attracts huge and diversified investment, especially in technology applications to maximize business resources. In overview, the fast-growing market is similar to an appealing cake for technology solution and digital transformation providers, who are always striving for a big portion.


Selecting the right partner is very important as it would directly affect the enterprise development strategy. Wolf Solutions appreciates Zoho’s remarkable growth prospects since the Zoho experts regularly improve their product qualities that respond timely to the rapid change of the market.

2016-2019: The Beginning

Wolf Solutions had spent 03 years on researching both Client’s demands and challenges. Concurrently, we had been analysing the market background to customize and complete the own technological solutions, which would help Clients operate their business effectively.

2020-2021: Advance Partner – Grow Up

Wolf Solutions focuses on R&D along with our ‘best practice” strategy; which helps us bring many in-depth solutions to Clients.

From 2021: Premium Partner – Innovation

After 01-year recognition of Advanced Partner, based on our core value – Customer Centric, Wolf Solutions is very honored to become the first Premium Partner in Vietnam & Singapore. With this meaningful milestone, Wolf Solutions does adhere to providing innovative digital transformation solutions for our Clients with full confidence, which  is critical for clients to achieve their future growth objectives.


Our success comes from our prudent strategy for service development and targeted markets. The strategy for service development provides not only the Zoho software system but also a comprehensive solution that goes from the consultation to the completion stage.


Wolf Solutions understood the importance of accompanying Clients in consulting about appropriate solutions and strategies from the beginning, especially in determining Client’s expectations and demands.


Continuous improvement in technical solutions and updates on market trends are our priority based on the strategy for product development, which allows us to achieve the best results for every project.


Even after the handover stage, Wolf Solutions absolutely committed our Clients to continue assisting them in adapting to any changing requirements afterwards.

Clients’ efficiency & satisfaction  correctly reflect Wolf Solutions’s capabilities and success. Thus, we commit to keep on developing and enhancing service quality to be a permanent and reliable partner of our customers.


Wolf Solutions is a trustworthy partner with a professional manner and effective and flexible solutions. Wolf has a specialist knowledge to develop the most appropriate solution for Zoho’s apps. As regional sales manager for Zoho, I am confident that Wolf Solutions would bring the highest satisfaction and excellent performance to Zoho’s clients.

Nick Ng
Regional Account Manager (APAC), Zoho Corp

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