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Wolf Solutions is a trustworthy partner with a professional manner and effective and flexible solutions. Wolf has a specialist knowledge to develop the most appropriate solution for Zoho’s apps. As regional sales manager for Zoho, I am confident that Wolf Solutions would bring the highest satisfaction and excellent performance to Zoho’s clients.

Nick Ng
Regional Account Manager (APAC), Zoho Corp


Food & beverage (F&B) is one of the world’s fastest-moving, most dynamic, and most competitive industries: market trends can change rapidly. Thus, the desires and tastes of customers can be difficult to predict. That is why keeping the customer top of mind is critical to your business’s longevity and the key to sustaining a vigorous, recurring revenue. This may sound forthright, but in reality, many F&B businesses stumble on these three difficulties:

This relies heavily on your personnel, supposed your business does not have any customer management system in place. Once you have a different staff (be it due to new hire or simply a shift change), or sometimes because of forgetfulness, the staff will not be able to recognize a returning customer.

Even when staff can recognize a regular customer, it is impossible for them always to remember every customer’s name, how often they visit, or their specific demands (e.g., favorite orders, allergy, dislikes, etc.).

While the regulars are happy with your service and keep coming back, there are not enough new customers.

Wolf Solutions’s mission is to help F&B businesses to improve their bottom line with technology. Our team provides prompt implementation services, using proven methodologies to ensure the most efficient, cost-effective delivery of applications to end-users possible.


Demand forecasting

Quick & accurate prediction of how many customers will purchase & the respective profitability can help businesses develop effective growth strategies, and maximize revenue opportunities. Moreover, an integrated cloud-based database makes all customer information can be accessed with ease by every team, on every property, and at any time to push cross-sell.

Understand best guest value & target look-alikes

Tracking all information relating to customer spending on a service & value-added service per specific period to accurately calculate the total customer value and pinpoint your most profitable ones. You can then leverage insights drawn from this data to develop more well-planned customer acquisitions.

Targeted & cost-effective marketing

By unifying data into one centralized platform, business owners can optimize their marketing expenses via highly targeted interest-based marketing campaigns. The system can put together customer buying patterns & behaviors, and at the same time analyze data based on dates, seasons, segments, and channels that perform best at any given point in time, while working out the price level that optimizes your profitability.

Optimize loyalty program strategy

Today’s membership programs focus less and less on transactional point accruals, but increasingly more on member-only experiences. When companies have a unified customer profile, the easily-accessible information empowers your workforce to deliver unsurpassed customer service in ways that enable guests to feel appreciated and unique.

Combating Delivery Apps

Beyond the high customer acquisition costs with Food Delivery Services, a significant downside is that Delivery Apps provide little to no information about the customer. CRM & ERP can extract data from multiple sources to build a bigger picture of each customer, so businesses can convert that generic online order into a potential loyal customer they can market to directly.

Segmentation & personalization

Merging customer data with behavioral information from across multiple touchpoints and channels to create a single, robust guest profile. Every member of your team can access this data and use it to create highly personalized experiences.


  • Use documented best practices for installation, configuration, pre- and post-deployment testing, and system integration
  • Migrate data of customers, suppliers as well as vendors from the existing database to CRM & ERP
  • Build strategic lead nurture sequences that will elevate conversion rates
  • Build stunning email campaigns that keep your patrons informed about menus, weekly specials, and upcoming events
  • On-going support and comprehensive training programs for users to maximize returns on your digital technology investments



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