Internal Training | How To Work From Home More Effectively


WORK FROM HOME or WORK REMOTELY is a form of remote work: the employee is not physically present at the office but can still complete the job at another place such as at home, coffee shop, or partner office. “WORK REMOTELY”  is one of the benefits of Wolf members, to help us be more flexible in terms of time, easier to balance work and life, as well as increase productivity.

For “WORK REMOTELY” to be effective, you must know the principles of when to start work, where to work, and how to create the line between work and personal life. In addition, other factors such as office equipment, building relationships with colleagues, project progress… are equally important to “WORK FROM HOME”.

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Wolf Solutions is a trustworthy partner with a professional manner and effective and flexible solutions. Wolf has a specialist knowledge to develop the most appropriate solution for Zoho’s apps. As regional sales manager for Zoho, I am confident that Wolf Solutions would bring the highest satisfaction and excellent performance to Zoho’s clients.

Nick Ng
Regional Account Manager (APAC), Zoho Corp